Welcome to the Home Page of the STEPP study, an ongoing study into the factors which affect Renal Transplant survival.
The study started in 2006 and is collecting information on people who have had their first kidney transplant between 01-Jan-1992 and 31-Dec-2003.  Researchers are in Leicester, Leeds, Oxford, St Helier and Guy's Hospitals, and will have collected data on transplant patients between these years once the study is complete in 2009.


The study group will shortly publish the findings of patient and graft survival (previously presented in abstract).

Twelve factors are considered
1.    Transplant year cohort and centre
2.    Donor factors: Transplant type, donor age, donor gender, cold ischaemia, HLA match
3.    Recipient factors: gender, age, ethnic background, Cause of ERF, time on dialysis

Particular thanks to UKtransplant for their help in providing some of this information both for the STEPP study, but also for direct patient care in the participating centres.

If your are interested in Long-term transplant outcomes and are prospectively collecting information similar to the data in the resources section then we are interested in hearing from you for a future collaboration.

Last modified: Sun Jan 20 2008